FM Diversion – Fargo Moorhead Area Diversion Project

What is the FM Area Diversion Project?

The Fargo Moorhead Metropolitan area is prone to flooding. Flood fighting efforts cost the region millions of dollars. If these emergency flood fighting efforts were overwhelmed, the results would be catastrophic. The Fargo-Moorhead (FM) Area Diversion Project will establish permanent flood protection measures for the region.  Read more »

The Diversion Project is a 20,000 cubic feet per second, 30-mile long, 1,500 foot-wide diversion channel with 32,500 acres of upstream staging. The FM Diversion would reduce a 100-year flood event from 42.4 feet to 35 feet at the Fargo gauge. For reference, the 2009 flood of record peaked at 40.8 feet. The plan includes 150,000 acre-feet of upstream staging. The staging area would only be used for flood events exceeding a 10-year event, or a 35-foot event in Fargo.Read more

Why is flood protection needed?

How is the Project funded?

In Millions

  • Local Funding
  • State of ND Funding
  • State of MN Funding
  • Federal Funding

Maps of the Project

Watch meetings and educational videos

Video footage of construction work on the downtown Fargo floodwalls

Drag the arrows to see conditions before and after the project.

View from the Moorhead City Mall Parking Ramp

View from the Interstate 29 exit at Harwood, ND with and without flooding