FM Diversion – Fargo Moorhead Area Diversion Project

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Project Perspectives

What is the FM Area Diversion Project?

The FM Area Diversion Project will protect around 95,000 households and an estimated 140,000 jobs from 100-year flood events (33,000 cubic feet per second). The Project will also make fighting a 500-year flood event possible. The Project also provides an opportunity to remove flood insurance requirements for many that result in costly premiums leaving the community.

A catastrophic flood in Fargo and Moorhead could cause an estimated $10+ Billion in damages.

The Project includes three main components:

  • In-town Flood Protection
  • A Diversion Channel
  • A Southern Embankment with control structures and a temporary upstream staging area for floodwaters

Why is it needed?

The Fargo Moorhead Metropolitan area is prone to flooding. Flood fighting efforts cost the region millions of dollars. If these emergency flood fighting efforts were overwhelmed, the results would be catastrophic. The Fargo-Moorhead (FM) Area Diversion Project will establish permanent flood protection measures for the region.  Read more »

Map of the Project