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Request for Proposals for Appraisal Services

Request for Proposals

As a member of the Flood Diversion Authority, the Cass County Joint Water Resource District (CCJWRD) is requesting information and proposals from qualified appraisal firms for the valuation of the necessary rights-of-way for the construction and operation of the federally-supported Fargo-Moorhead Metro Area Flood Diversion Project (the Project).  This RFP seeks qualifications and proposals for initial blocks of tract appraisal assignments, but also serves to verify appraiser credentials for future on-call assignments. 

The Project footprint spans four (4) counties in North Dakota and Minnesota. A variety of rights-of-way must be acquired for the Project. Those rights-of-way include temporary and permanent easements, as well as full and partial takings in fee simple. The subject properties possess a variety of uses including agricultural, commercial, and residential. Successful firms will demonstrate competency in performing appraisal reports consistent with federally-supported projects. 

The CCJWRD has bundled a number of individual tract appraisal assignments into five (5) initial appraisal packages based on geographic proximity and current land use. These five (5) initial appraisal packages contain 10-30 parcels each. The specific number of tract appraisal reports within each appraisal package will vary based on identification of the larger parcel for each tract. The initial appraisal packages focus on lands necessary for the Diversion Channel portion of the Project. Future appraisal package assignments will be defined for the property rights needed for the Southern Embankment and the structures in the Upstream Mitigation Area. The extent of appraisal work for the Project includes approximately 120 parcels for the Diversion Channel, approximately 110 parcels for the Southern Embankment in ND, approximately 33 parcels for the Southern Embankment in MN, approximately 186 structure sites in ND, and approximately 63 structure sites in MN. 

Interested appraisal firms are encouraged to submit a statement of qualifications in accordance with this RFP. Qualified firms will be asked to enter into a Master Services Agreement (MSA) for work on the Project. In addition, proposers are encouraged to provide a proposal on one or more of the five (5) initial appraisal packages as described within this RFP. Appraisal firms who are deemed qualified to provide services on this Project, but are not selected for any of these initial appraisal packages, may still be invited to enter into an MSA. 

A copy of the full Request for Qualifications can be obtained on Proposals are due by 5:00 PM, February 6, 2019. All proposals shall be submitted via email to both Eric.Dodds@ae2s.comand with the subject line “Diversion Project Appraisal Services Proposal Enclosed”.

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